CrossFit Brandon, FL

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Class Times – Brandon

  All classes last approximately one hour. Classes are divided into 3 segments…warm up (10-15 min)…strength/skill (15-25 min) and conditioning (10-30min). Classes will start at the times listed above. However, if you’re running late you may be allowed to participate in the upcoming segment of that class. For example if you arrive at 4:17pm you can start your training with conditioning at 4:30pm and make up your strength workout at 5:15. This will be at the staff trainer’s discretion and please don’t disrupt the class in session.

We also offer one-on-one, private group, seminars, events and weekend classes that may not be listed. Please email, call or check our upcoming event section on our home page for additional training opportunities. We try to accommodate every request for training , please feel free to ask for additional gym access. Call us at 813-716-6717 or email us at