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Butt Wink Is Not About the Hamstrings

Butt Wink Is Not About the Hamstrings

Butt Wink Is Not About the Hamstrings

Squats are awesome. Either they’re loaded using a barbell in a back or front squat, with a dumbbell or kettlebell in a goblet squat, or any other variation. They are a fantastic exercise that can be progressed or regressed nearly infinite different ways to produce different results from maximum strength through explosive power, from mobility to balance and everything in between.

One aspect of the squat that tends to get analyzed to death is the dreaded butt wink. This is when the person gets close to the bottom of their squat and their hips go through a posterior tilt and their tailbone tucks under them, creating a mild flexion in the lumbar spine. Here’s a great example of it from Lee Hayward’s article on the topic.


Here’s an example in a video format.

To his credit, the person who uploaded the video did mention in the title that there was a butt wink..

Butt wink is not the fact that the hips get rolled forward. But that the lumbar spine goes through a extension-flexion-extension cycle with additional load placed on top of it.

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