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8 Exercises to build a Solid Core

8 Exercises to build a Solid Core “A six-pack isn’t an end goal in itself. It should be the welcome side effect of building a phenomenally strong core and taking charge of your nutrition. Function always come first, but when you are training this hard and eating well, then why shouldn’t you have both? A […]

Self-myofascial release

Self-myofascial release Here’s what you need to know… Make injury-prone muscles more resilient with self-myofascial release. Foam roll correctly and you’ll get more benefits than what you’d get from stretching. Eliminate adhesions in muscle tissue and improve your posture with consistent foam rolling. Adjust the pressure and learn key techniques to get the most from […]

Top 10 Deadlifting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Top 10 Deadlifting Mistakes and How to Fix Them 1.You can’t train the deadlift heavy all the time and make progress. Speed deadlifts with a moderate weight are needed on occasion. 2. Do not round the lower back. This is caused by either a weak lower back or a bad start position. 3. To deadlift […]

Motivation Through Rowing Metrics

Today a question came up regarding rowing splits and effort of exertion. Unfortunately, I’ve been remiss in not discussing the topic at length. So, here it goes! On a concept 2 monitor you’ll see lots of data…the most important of which when it comes to moderating effort in training is the 500m split time. According […]

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