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Scientific Results

Phase Five is the premier sport performance, family fitness training center and the areas most renowned CrossFit Gym. We are located in Brandon, Florida. Our state of the art facility has become a Mecca for all those who seek true health and fitness. Phase Five offers amenities such as spa-grade locker rooms featuring private showers, ample parking and over 6200 square feet of open training space. Please click here for a full facility tour.

The Science behind the Phase Five Method

Phase Five’s training programs reflect the most current scientific data available in the fields of endocrinology, exercise science, kinesiology, and nutrition. Phase Five is a community based, empirically driven training methodology that’s safe, logical and evidence-based. We help our clients become leaner, faster and stronger by eliciting a favorable hormonal (neuroendocrine) response through diet and exercise. Phase Five helps regulate any detrimental hormonal activity while simultaneously jump starting your proactive hormones (ex. human growth hormone), these changes encourage your body to add metabolically active muscle while burning fat.

Our Training Methods

The latest scientific data indicates that high intensity training is superior to low intensity/long duration training (1). This is great news for those of us who lead a busy and hectic life. Training with low intensity exercises, like cycling or jogging can certainly lead to fat loss, but they’re also highly catabolic (destroys metabolically active muscle) and can lead to the production of excessive stress hormones (cortisol). As you can see an unfortunate side effect of low intensity exercise is a altered hormonal state, which slows your metabolic rate (calorie used at rest) (2), (3), (4). At Phase Five we employ short intense bouts of exercise coupled with dedicated strength training to help release the body’s natural fat burning hormones (5), (6), (7). Scientific researchers have shown that these techniques will burn fat for hours and even days after the activity has stopped. This amazing fat burning phenomenon is the key to your success and it’s called excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) (8). In our opinion the most current scientific literature clearly validates Phase Five’s system of high intensity training. (9), (10), (11).

Diet and Nutrition

Clearly, our innovative hormonal approach to diet and exercise is based on science. Yet, we recognize that eating properly is difficult in today’s society, especially when you’re following an inappropriate and often flawed training protocol. Many of the traditional methods of fat loss are based on moderate intensity aerobic exercise (i.e., jogging, biking, walking, or swimming), these activities negatively affects hunger and induce an increase in stress hormone production (11), (12).  Negative side effects of low/moderate intensity aerobic training is an increase in appetite and cravings of sugary, fatty, and/or salty foods (13), (14). This stands in stark contrast to the Phase Five methodology which is designed to help you hormonally regulate your food intake (15), (16).

Where did the name Phase Five come from?

The concept of phased training was perfected by the U.S. military in order to provide soldiers with a common direction and/or objective. Phased training is an established-uniform set of goals and standards presented in a tiered structure that provides “steps” for individual advancement. Each trainee is constantly evaluated against these standards and must show mastery in each phase prior to their individual advancement.

Phase Five is the consolidation phase of this process and it focuses on developing a trainee’s ability to practically and effortlessly express their newly acquired skills. Phase Five graduates posses a unique capacity to demonstrate complex technical skill coupled with a mastery of common tasks. A trainee’s ability to provide maximum effort, follow instruction and lead by example should is also be apparent at this phase.

At Phase Five we embrace these concepts and believe that they are integral in helping people achieve success in a fitness environment.  Our program has established a set of progressive standards, goals and objectives that provide the clients with the necessary structure used to measure, encourage and quantify progress. Our objective is to help each client reach their optimal state of physical, spiritual and mental health through fitness. We believe our ideas and methods provide a logically elegant solution to  the problems (obesity, depression, disease, etc.) of modern man.

The Five Psychological Phases of Fitness

We believe the mind plays an integral role when it comes to getting in shape. The five psychological phases of fitness deal with the mental challenges and rewards that you’ll experience during your journey toward optimal health and fitness. The five psychological phases apply to every athlete, regardless of their individual level of fitness and/or skill. These psychological phases are a by-product of the human condition and they will affect us all in a similar manner. That’s why we believe it’s critical to your success to have a basic understanding of our  Five Psychological Phases of Fitness.

Innovative Training Methodology

Phase Five is heavily influenced by the Soviet Conjugate Sequence System (CSS) and concurrent training protocols. A CSS “is simply the parallel training of several means or motor abilities, such as strength, speed, and endurance, over the same period, with the intention of producing multi-faceted development of physical fitness.” (1) Keep in mind this is not a new concept, in fact it was originally developed in the former Soviet Union over thirty years ago.

Our Twist on CSS

We’ve made a commitment to provide logical and safe programming for all of our children, adolescent, and adult athletes. Our system was specifically designed to address the needs of the individual within a group exercise environment. Group exercise classes have generally been comprised of people with varied skill sets, ages, capacities and athletic backgrounds.

This simple fact coupled with the true desire to help all of our clients has led us to our phased based training approach. Phased training allows us to train beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes in a single session. Our proprietary and semi-customizable approach to training and diet has proven to be safe and challenging exercise solution.

In an effort to adapt these dated concepts for the modern athlete we’ve added an array of modern training protocols. Efforts such as these have helped Phase Five develop a unique brand of phased training.

So, how does Phased training work? We’ll, it relies heavily on the use of cybernetic periodization. Cybernetic periodization is simply a means of controlling volume and intensity “on the fly” according to both the athlete’s feedback and the coach’s rating of technique. Our innovative process has allowed us to move clients beyond simple prescriptions of sets and reps and toward a range of possibilities based on their goals (2).

Without a team of skilled and dedicated coaches these methods would be ineffective and dangerous. Fortunately, extensive training of our qualified and dedicated staff has made us the best Crossfit facility in Tampa Bay!

We’ve never ascribe to the ineffective “one size fits all” approach to training and our innovative methods clearly speak for themselves. We’ve worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life and this system absolutely works.

The Phase Five Team

Without the help and support of  dedicated coaches, teachers and mentors most of us would not be where we are today. Phase Five’s training staff is made up of some of the finest coaches in the nation. Our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your training goals in a safe, supportive and challenging environment. Without the help of our amazing staff we wouldn’t be where we are today, if you’re interested in our staff credentials they can be viewed here.

Phase Five’s strength and conditioning program was developed over the course of several years.  When it comes to fitness we don’t believe in the popular “one size fits all” approach. In our experience the majority of our clients will have different backgrounds, goals and needs. So, in order to address this in a group training environment we’ve created a method called systematic individualization.

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(1),(2) Siff, M.C. and Verkhoshansky, Y.V. (1999). Supertraining. (4th ed.). Denver, CO. (pp. 289-290).