“Here’s what you need to know..

  1. Non-powerlifters need instruction on how to use the deadlift to meet their specific goals of athleticism, muscle, or functionality.
  2. For many, the Romanian deadlift (RDL) is a smart substitute for traditional deadlifts because it provides a shorter lever arm.
  3. Fat-bar deadlifting can improve the grip, but it also breaks bad deadlift habits.
  4. Contrast deadlifts, where you combine RDLs with kettlebell swings, can build crazy strength, power, and even size.
  5. Dumbbell squats and RDL combos are a great way to finish off a workout.

Not Just For Powerlifters

Most of the deadlift info out there has a powerlifting bias, meaning it’s for competitive lifters. The problem? Not…